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A Cockapoo is a mix of a Cocker Spaniel
and a Poodle resulting in a small,low to
non-shedding, low to non-allergenic
puppy that is highly intelligent with an
excellent personality. Cockapoos are
very mild mannered, easy to train,
excellent family pets that love kids and
are great for families with allergies! As
stated in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia:
"Cockapoos have become popular
because they generally combine the
outgoing, loving personality of the
Cocker Spaniel with the low-shedding,
low-dander qualities of the Poodle,
resulting in a loving, intelligent, energetic
and agile dog that sheds very little." Our
Cockapoos come in a variety of colors
and sizes so you are sure to find a cute
one to match your style. (click here for
more info on the breed:
We are a small family breeder
located in iola, Wisconsin, we are now
located in Manawa, WI
where our
Cockapoos are home raised with the
parents being our personal pets and on
site. Our Cockapoo puppies are 1st
generation, super social,very low to
non-shedding, low to non-allergenic, and
generally grow to be 16-22lbs, some are
smaller, some larger. We raise each and
every puppy as if it were to be our very
own! From day one they are socialized
with people of all ages and pets of all
kinds so that they are ready to come
home to you.
All of our Cockapoo puppies will come up
to date on their vaccinations, vet
checked, de-wormed, and also with a
health guarantee. We do also offer
micro-chipping and for those of you not
in Wisconsin shipping is safe and easy to
do. References are available to verify
that we truly do create a cute Cockapoo!
Please feel free to call for more info. or
email anytime with questions: Jamie or
Sandy at (920) 596-1730 or
We love updates from our customers! Here are
a few comments and pictures from them:
When I looked at Kona's face (in person) my heart
melted permanently.  Every morning he WAKES UP
with his tail wagging "thump thump thump" on the
bed, and he is so happy, I've never seen a happier
dog in my life -- he seems to understand almost
anything I tell him.  And I swear, he has a sense of
humor!Friends are constantly telling me he is one of
the neatest dogs they have ever met, and strangers
often stop and tell me he's the most beautiful dog
they've ever seen.  He is the best!
Wendy in California
Thought you would like to see a recent picture of Stella. We LOVE her!
.I cannot tell you what a joy she is!  ( don't worry,she doesn't really suck
on or play with the pacifier, we found an old one behind Lily's bed and
thought it would be a funny picture. We tossed it out shortly after we
snapped the photo! Safety first!)
Take care, Terri
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Good Afternoon from Milwaukee:
Just wanted to send this picture your way.  She is such a beautiful
little girl.
Hi Sandy and Jamie – just a couple pictures of
Bella – she is fabulous and we love her to death!!!
Hi, guys
Thought you might like to see some pictures of our
Charlie (your Parker) who is now a 'one year old boy'.
He's the sweetest little guy and so smart and he's
brought such joy to our house.  He's looking forward
(aren't we all) to spring and agility training but right
now he's enjoying climbing the snow banks.   
Thanks for an adorable puppy.    Kathy and Jim
Hello from Switzerland! Here are a few pictures of Schåtzli. She is doing
great. She goes everywhere with us. We are all headed to France on
Sunday so she is a traveling girl! I will send another picture of her and all
the kids after this weekend. Everyone loves her!
You can become our friend on
Facebook, look for Cute
Cockapoos and press 'Like!'
This is a promo collage that our photographer put together of
Russell and our kids.  He was 13 weeks old at this photo shoot
and as you can see, very handsome.  : )
Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE Cooper. We got him
from you just over a year ago and he is doing so well!  He is very loving
and smart.  He learns so quickly!  Cooper is very playful but also loves
to cuddle.  Everyone always comments on how they love his chocolate
color.  We just love this boy!
Thanks so much,
Brad & Jessie Gabrielse
Brookfield, Wi
Hello Jamie and Sandy,
I wanted to send you a quick update on Kingston (your Armani).  He is
5 months already and weighs over 17 lbs.  We love him so much!  The
picture of him with his bandana on was taken a few weeks ago right
after he had his first hair cut.  The other picture is of him on my
motorcycle.  He loves the wind in his face and looks so cute with his
doggles.   Kingston's coat is so soft and shiny.  Everyone stops us and
asks about him! Thank you so much for everything.
Jill & Michael
from Minnesota
Hi Jamie. As promised, here are a couple of photos of Gilbert
(Brady) at 12 wks. He and our 10 year old daughter, Emily, have
really bonded and he is such a wonderful dog. He loves to chase
and be chased around the yard. He's extremely quick and loves to
pounce on things. He's also very good at fetching balls and he's
gradually getting used to going for walks on his little harness.
Thanks so much for helping bring him into the world. He has
completed our family. Hope you are well. We'll send more photos
as he gets bigger.
Misha from Sun Prairie, WI
Thought I'd share a picture we had taken of our puppy as part of a
fundraiser for our local humane society.  He's a wonderful dog and
has been a great addition to the family.  Can't imagine life without him.
Deborah- Ishpeming, MI
We have Cockapoo Puppies for Sale!
Looking for a book on Cockapoo Puppies:
I have attached some picture of Tilly! She is now 6 months old and
doing great! She and our 12 year old Cocker Spaniel are best
buds, it took a little at first but now they go everywhere together!
Tilly loves hanging around other dogs, at first she's a little
submissive but once she realizes the other dog just wants to play
she's all for it!
Tilly picks up things every fast, she knew how to sit within 3 or 4
times of telling and showing her, she was also sitting by the back
door to go potty within the first 3 days we had her! I can't imagine
my life without her now, everyday I come home from work she's
there to greet me. My parents absolutely loves her as well, they
treat her like a grandchild. She is so spoiled with them. I'd have to
say my dad is the worst with spoiling her. Tilly will give him a look
and he'll let her jump up on the chair with him (he never did that
with our other dogs.)
Tilly and I go for many walks during the week, I have to say we get
stopped at least 2 times during our walk from people who want to
know what kind of dog she is. They always say she's got a
beautiful coat and love her eyes!
Thanks you so much for her, she's the best dog I could ask for!  
Appleton, WI
Hi Jamie. Wanted to drop you a message to update you on Gilbert's
progress. Here is a recent picture of him. He's now a little over 5
months old and is growing quickly. He just came back to us from the
groomer for his very first haircut! Despite not enjoying his first
grooming experience, all the staff loved Gilbert and commented on
how friendly and cuddly he is. He loves to explore new places and
things and he's very curious about other dogs. Gilbert loves to play
and when he's tired he curls up in a ball by my feet on the ottoman.
He likes to sleep in on mornings and is not such a big fan of the cold
weather so we bought him a warm jacket for outside when we go for
our daily walks. He especially loves to go for car rides in the front seat
and he is a fantastic traveler. Our daughter Emily has picked out a
Halloween costume for him which I will send to you later. Wait until
you see him in it. Hope you are doing well and that your puppies are
finding good homes.

Misha, Cari and Emily- Sun Prairie, WI
Hi Sandy and Jamie,
I’m sending a couple pictures of Emma to let you know how she is
doing.  Emma turned three in September.  We were so thrilled to
have her join our family.  She has provided hours of entertainment
for us.   She has such a sweet personality and is such a cuddle
bug.  Her hair is as soft as it looks!  People always comment on
how cute and fluffy she is.  We’re so lucky to have her.  Thank you
for breeding such great pets!
Michelle from Illinois
Here is an updated photo of Wrigley, born 7/10/11. He's so cute....he
is growing up but not long so he looks like a bun on four long sticks.
He has the long legs like our other cockapoo and he is about 7lbs
right now. He's super smart, rings bells to go outside and can sit and
lay down for treats. He has just started to chew his food....normally he
will just swallow it all and you can see his little belly balloon out, then
he will belch ( hilarious) and then he's ready to run. He is full of spunk
and keeps Kirby super busy. He went for his first swim yesterday and
loves the water, he will do anything his big brother does!!
Everyone comments on his beautiful coloring. Oh and one girl who
was working at a pet shop here in Thunder Bay recognized him from
your website!!

We love Wrigley thanks,
Amanda, Trevor and big brother Kirby
Thunder Bay, Canada
Here is a four month picture of Chesney aka diesel.  He is
doing well.  13 pounds already and full of spunk.  We love to
walk every day and he loves to play ball.  He got a new badgers
jersey which he seems to love.  Thank you Jamie!
Sue from Waunakee, WI
Happy Halloween from Ellie!
Ok, I'm normally not a fan of dressing up dogs......but since my older
daughter was a pirate and my younger daughter was her parrot......I
couldn't resist when I saw this puppy costume.
He is a great puppy.  The vet said he's "perfect" and of course
commented on his coloring.  He is basically housebroken because I'm at
home to take him out regularly.  He rarely barks....and if he does, it's only
because he wants to snuggle.
Alivia from Freeport, IL
Thought you would like to see how handsome Russell (aka
Jordan) has become.  He is almost 5 months old now.  He is a
fantastic dog, so smart and loveable.  He loves to greet people
on his walks and continues to play at doggie day care.  My son
is completely in love with Russell.
Cindy from New York
Jamie and Sandy -
This e-mail is long overdue, but wanted to let you know how
much we love our "Fozzie Bear".  He was your Nelson.  We
picked him up in July and just as you told us, is just the sweetest
dog ever.  Fozzie is the first dog for my son who is 8.  Tony was a
little hesitant for the first day, but since then the two have been
It is amazing to me how quickly Fozzie took to training.  He loves
to play fetch in the yard and down the hall way.  He has been
absolutely great, tearing around the dog park , having fun with
his "friends".
He is always willing to play and have fun, but he seems equally
happy to chill out when we want to and watch the world go by.  
We just couldn't ask for a better addition to our family.
Thank you!
Angie, Tony Sr, and Tony Jr -Oak Creek, WI
Hi Jamie
Lu Lu  was born Oct 21 2010….she lives on Hilton Head Island, SC.  
It was love at first sight.  She is very smart and eager to please.
Lu Lu is quite the celebrity in the neighborhood.  She is loved
wherever she goes.  She always has hugs & kisses for everyone
she meets.  Neighbors will bring their families by to meet and greet
Lu Lu because they cannot believe this dog’s disposition and
character and gorgeous coloring.  They love her teddy bear paws. I
want her  beautiful eyelashes.  She has brought so much joy to us
and everyone she meets.  My husband just adores LuLu and has
spoiled her rotten.
Laura- Hilton Head Island, SC
I wanted to send you both another little Cooper update. Just to help you remember- we purchased him back in early April, he was born on
Feb. 14th. It seems hard to believe that he is already 9 months old! He is just the best little guy- this is my first time having a "lap dog" and I
am so in love with him. I have never met a more affectionate dog! He literally follows me everywhere, sleeps in my lap while I'm watching tv,
and curls up right between my husband's and my heads while we sleep at night (he is a little spoiled!). We stopped using the kennel with
him around 4 months old, he never learned to tolerate it and my husband and I became so tired of hearing him bark and whine that we
decided to let him stay out with Luna (our goldendoodle) during the day while we were at work. He was such a good dog and we haven't
had to use the kennel since.  He is totally house-broken and knows to bark at the door to go out. He and Luna LOVE each other! Luna is
still very much a little mother to him and they both play so well together. The cutest thing is when we come into the room and see Cooper
actually laying on top of Luna - and they are both asleep! Thank you so much for such a wonderfully mannered, CUTE!, and healthy dog.
We love him to pieces!

-Jessica Miller
Hello Jamie,
I have been meaning to send you an update on Juno (your Mocha).  
We are absolutely in love with her.  She is so much fun, loves
everyone, is playful, cuddly and smart as a whip! Here are a couple of
photos for you.
Thanks so much for a healthy, well adjusted pup!!
Happy Holidays,
Marcia and Turina (and Juno)
Madison, WI
I wanted to send
you some
Christmas 2011
pictures of our
Brady  he is the
sweetest dog,
most adorable
and a great
experience for our
Thanks so
much! Merry
Christmas and
Happy New
We purchased "Sable Sam" back in 2007, and named him Cody.  
He's doing great.  He's a loving, caring, and a very sweet dog.  He's
my boy!  Everybody just loves him and wants to take him home
whenever he spends time with family and friends.  He still has his
extremely long eyelashes, which are so cute!  I'm trying to talk Bob
into getting him a friend.  He seems to really enjoy going to my
friends house where they have 2 pugs. This photo is from
Halloween 2011.

P.S. They did adopt another puppy from us 12/2011!
Merry Christmas 2011!!! Just wanted to let you know
our puppy is already going to the back door when
he has to go out!! We are all completely in love!!!
Thank you for taking such good care of him, it really
shows!!  My oldest was so happy when he opened
him this morning that he started to cry!  He is more
then we hoped for!!!
Many thanks!!!
The McCann Family~ New York.
I just wanted to send you an update on Piper (your Fiona).  
She is doing very well, and keeping us on our toes!   She is in puppy
kindergarten right now and doing so well!  We are just amazed at how
quickly she is catching on to different things!  She is absolutely loving the
snow and loves to just go out and bury her face in it.  She comes back in
the house with her now standard "snow face" on.
She also loves to go to Pet Smart and meet new people and dogs.  
Everyone always comments on how cute she is!  There is even a trainer
there who knows her as soon as she sees her, and Piper knows her too!
Thank you again for such a great little puppy!  If we ever decide to get a
playmate for Piper, you can bet we will be back to see you.
Take Care!
Andy and Emily~Altoona, WI
Just a quick note to let you know that Tigger is adjusting very
well to his new home.  He is well loved and has truly wiggled
his way into our hearts!
Bob, Brendalee, Erin, Aidan and Tigger~New York
Hi Jaimie!! Hope all is well!!! You can
absolutely use me as a reference!! Carlos is
an absolute LOVE!!! He is the smartest,
cutest puppy we have ever seen!!! So good
with the boys, they just love him!! He is 15
weeks old, is doing great with the potty
training, loves the bath & belly rubs!!!! Could
not be happier!!  He is spoiled rotten!!! ;)
Here is my info:
Shannon from NY
Hi Jamie,
I have been meaning to send you a picture for you website.  I'm finally
sitting down to do just that.  I would also be happy to be a reference for you
and your puppies!
Pebbles (your Buffy) has been such a joy to have around. She is very
smart and learns new tricks really fast. I'm taking her to obedience training
and plan on going through the classes to get her Canine Good Citizen
certified so we can visit nursing homes to cheer up the residents. She will
love that as she is very sure that EVERYONE who sees her falls in love
with her. And she is pretty much spot on.  Thank you for allowing me to
adopt one of your puppies. She is exactly what I was looking for when I
started my search. I'm so glad that I found you on line!
Green Bay, WI
Hi Jamie,
I just wanted to let you know we are SO in love with our new puppy, Bella!
(your Sally)  She has been unbelievable and my kids have been having
the best time with her.  The pick up at the Lake Forest Oasis, was great.  I
have attached a picture of her with my 3 kids and a neighbor.  Bella is so
happy and loved in her new home!! We are so lucky to have her!!
Here is Mac at about 5 months old. He is absolutely adorable.
He loves watching outside from atop the couch, cuddling, and
playing fetch with his favorite cow toy.
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When we decided to get a dog we started looking online for a
non-shedding breed. We decided a Cockapoo might be a good
selection and after a little research we were confident that we
would receive a healthy and well cared for puppy from Cute
Cockapoos. We have had Toby for over three years now and he
loves people, other dogs, and about any adventure we take him
on. Toby has a way of making everyone he sees fall in love with
him. We are so happy we made this choice and couldn't be
happier that he is part of our family. We also love the fact that
Jamie and Sandy are always available to answer our
questions along the way.
The Anderson
family from Door
County, WI (right)
have gotten three
Cockapoo puppies
from us, here they
are introducing
their new puppy to
three year old Buffy,
what a cute pair!
We hope your
loves her!!
Funny story.......Buffy ignored the puppy all the way home.  We stopped
at a park to eat lunch and let them run and of course little one ran after
Buffy.  It was hilarious to watch Buffy try to get away.  Put them to bed
last night in the laundry room.  Buffy sleeps on a 28" X 34" flat pillow.  
We put a box on its side, put a pillow in it and stuffed animals so she
wouldn't be alone.  Where do I find her this morning????? on the
pillow, curled up next to Buffy.  She slept all night without a sound.
Took her out - let Buffy go, put the puppy in the same place and she
went outside!  What a cutie.
Was going to name her Molly.............but she isn't a Molly.  Now  I'm
thinking maybe she is a Chloe.  Have to get to know her more.

Thanks again,
Michelle Anderson
Hello Jamie,
Just thought we would email you and let you know how
Winston A.K.A. Copper is doing! We love him dearly. He is the
perfect mix of playful and cuddle bug. He loves affection but
still is fine playing with a toy on the floor if we need to get
something done. He is already learning tricks like sit, lay
down, and he almost has sing down which is the cutest thing I
have ever heard. Potty training was a breeze, we only had two
accidents! He is so sweet, we could not have asked for a
better puppy! We had a little photo shoot this  morning, and
some of the pics are attached =) If we ever buy another pup we
will FOR SURE be getting one from you guys! He is amazing!
Thank you for all your help in the past!
Cami and Tyler
Hudson, WI
Good Morning Jamie and Sandy!
Happy Spring!
I wanted to send you an update on Piper.  She is doing very well.  She is
officially an Obedience Level 1 graduate!  She even tied for 1st in the
Staying competition on the last night of class!  We also got to play with the
agility equipment in class.  She really is a natural at it!  Maybe we'll explore
that a little more someday.
She is still such a joy to have around.  Her personality gets cuter and
funnier every day.  She is a staff favorite whenever we go to the boarders
for the day.  I'm not sure who has more fun, her or them!
I'm not sure if you recognize it or not, but the frog in the other picture is the
"Wonderland" commercial frog from Pier 1.  She wasn't quite sure what to
make of it, but that picture turned out too cute!
I hope all is well with you guys!  Maybe we'll be visiting you again someday!

Take care!
Emily, Andy & Piper
Eau Claire, WI
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Another nice site about Cockapoos is:
Wanted to send you an update! Little Red is doing wonderfully.
We could not have asked for a better dog!! She is absolutely
PERFECT!! Of course she is gorgeous, but temperament first, &
with that we could not have been more blessed.

She completed several evaluations (by third parties, not by myself
although I observed and conducted my own scoring & my scores
matched the other scores closely anyway).

Her scores on the tests (to include the Volhard Puppy Aptitude
Test modified (extended) for service dogs) were so perfect it
could not have been any better!!
She had a few other service and therapy dog aptitude and
"working" tests and she was absolutely perfect. Just perfect. She
could NOT have scored any better.

Her little puppy personality is showing a beautifully perfect blend
of willingness to work, eagerness to please, ability to follow
leadership (not dominate) as well as being hardy enough to not
become easily frightened or discouraged (or aggressive due to
an overly independent or submissive personality).

Most of all I have found that she is wonderfully calm and gentle.
She accompanies me nearly everywhere and encounters
strangers everywhere. I have never met nor trained a puppy that is
this mellow! She will easily fall asleep in the arms of a complete
stranger... even a smallish child who is holding her in a less than
comfortable (or secure-feeling) position! (Never fear- I monitor
her safety carefully!)
She is not walking through any locations yet, as she is not old
enough health-wise, I carry her. No dog parks or pet stores at all,
either. So don't worry about that. Safety first.

All her health checks and vet certs have come back beautifully.

She does have a cocker look so I was a tad worried that she
could have a double coat and shed (and have more dander) but
on inspection her little puppy coat is single layered and she
passes all those "shedding" tests. Naturally her puppy coat hairs
fall out more than an adult's hair does, but she is clearly not what
is considered to be a fur-coated or "shedding" dog (no seasonal
hair loss or hair loss en masse).

Anyway, she is lovely and just perfect and we could not be more
blessed!! She is training so fast, she is clearly very intelligent and
she is so calm and attentive that she learns at a remarkable rate!

She was 100% trained to sit on command within only one training
session (really) and after she had only been here 3 days. She is
going to be a star at obedience, there is absolutely no doubt
about that. After we get our canine good citizenship I think I may
take her for continued titles because I see so much potential.
I've trained a LOT of dogs and she is as bright as a border collie
with half the ADD ;-)

She is so quiet and focused! Her training is well ahead of
schedule and she is so easy to train it is just an absolute joy!

She eats like a champ and is filling out nicely, and her coat is so

Thanks again!!!

the Wade family- Waretown, NJ
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