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Puppy Colors

Here are some photos of past puppies and information to help you figure out what you like and what colors you're seeing in the updated pictures people send us. Please remember we can always guess but we never know what colors we will get until the puppies are born, and we won't always have every color available every year. Beginning 2021 we will mostly have Red, Buff, and Apricot Cockapoo puppies with the occasional litter of dark colors.

Red Puppies

Red Cockapoos are one of our most popular color choices. They can vary from light Red to dark Red as you can see by the photos below.

Red Cockapoo
Red Cockapoo Puppy
Red and White Cockapoo Puppy
Cute Cockapoo
Dark Red Cockapoo Puppy
Red Cockapoo from Cute Cockapoos
Cute Cockapoos Wisconsin
Cute Cockapoos Wisconsin
Red Tuxedo Pattern Cockapoo Puppy
Red Cockapoo puppy from Cute Cockapoos
Buff Cockapoo Puppy
Cute Cockapoo Puppies Wisconsin

Buff Puppies

Buff puppies can vary from a super light cream color to a darker Caramel color.

light buff Cockapoo puppy
Buff Cockapoo Puppy for Sale
Buff Cute Cockapoo
Buff Cockapoo Wisconsin

Chocolate (brown)Cockapoos

Chocolate Cockapoo Puppies can range from a deep, dark Chocolate similar to a Hershey bar all the way down to a light Cocoa color. They generally have dark black or brown noses and ours can come with Green, Hazel, and even Blue eyes, depending on the parents!

newborn chocolate cockapoo puppy
Chocolate Cockapoo white chest Wisconsin
Chocolate Cockapoo White chest
Chocolate and White Cockapoo

Apricot Puppies

Apricot Cockapoo puppies can range from a light Red to Peach, to dark Apricot color so sometimes it's hard to tell what they will be when first born.

solid chocolate Cockapoo puppy
Cockapoo breeder Wisconsin
Apricot Female Cockapoo
Apricot Cockapoo White markings
Apricot Cockapoo Puppies for Sale
Red and Apricot Cockapoo Puppies
Cute Apricot Cockapoo

We would put the puppy on the left in the
"Red" category and the puppy on the right as
more of an "Apricot" color.

Apricot Cockapoo with white markings

Black Puppies

Black Cockapoos can be solid in color or have White accents. They generally have a black nose with brown eyes.

Black Cockapoo Puppies
solid black Cockapoos
Black Cockapoo Puppy White Chest
Black Puppies Cute Cockapoos
Black Cockapoos white markings
black Cockapoos for sale
Cute Cockapoo Puppies in Wisconsin

Merle Cockapoo Puppies

Merle's (pronounced M-earls)  are a super funky color pattern where it looks like someone took all different colors of paint and splashed it all over the puppy!  Each one is different and unique. They often have spotted noses to match their markings and ours can come with brown or blue or multi-colored eyes!!

silver merle cockapoo
chocolate merle cockapoo
blue eyed chocolate merle Cockapoo
merle cockapoo puppies for sale Wisconsin
Chocolate Merle Cockapoo Puppy Cute Cockapoos
Red Merle Cockapoo from Cute Cockapoos in Wisconsin
red merle cockapoo puppies
litter of Merle Cockapoo puppies from Cute Cockapoos
silver and tan merle cockapoo puppy
silver merle cockapoo puppies

Tri-Colored Puppies

Tri-Colored Cockapoo puppies have three colors, they are usually Black, Tan, and White or Chocolate, Tan and White and their color accents can range from a lot of different color to just small accents.

chocolate tri-colored cockapoo
cute chocolate cockapoo
black tri-colored Cockapoo
chocolate, tan, and white Cockapoo puppy
Tri-Colored Cute Cockapoo
Tri-Colored Cockapoo Puppies for Sale
black and tan phantom Cockapoo
Cute Cockapoo puppy
multi-colored Cockapoo puppy
black, tan, and white Cockapoo puppy
beautiful Cockapoo from Cute Cockapoos

Parti-Colored Cockapoo Puppies

litter of Parti Colored Cockapoo pups
Chocolate and White Cockapoo

Parti-Colored Cockapoos have a spotted coat and can come in a wide range of colors with the most common being Black and White or Chocolate and White.

Buff and White Parti Puppy
Buff and White Female Cockapoo
chocolate and white spotted Cockapoo
Black and White spotted Cockapoo puppy
Chocolate and White Parti Cockapoo Puppy
Buff and White colored Cockapoo puppy

Sable Puppies

Sable Cockapoo Puppies are a beautiful mix of Black with Red or Tan highlights throughout their coats. You can get light Sables which show a ton of color or you can also get Dark Sables which have a colored 'hue' to them but don't show nearly as much color as the lighter ones. Sables can change a lot over time as they grow.

sable cockapoo
sable cockapoo puppy
sable cockapoo puppy for sale
sable cockapoo from Cute Cockapoos
dark sable cockapoo puppy
beautiful sable cockapoo
sable cockapoo white markings
Cute Cockapoos Wisconsin
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