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Potty Training Your Puppy

I finally found a training crate that I agree with and recommend to my customers. I do not believe that stuffing a puppy into a tiny crate will properly teach them to be house broken so I have always recommended to my customers that if they are going to use a traditional training crate to also attach an exercise pen to it so that their puppy can get out of their crate to relieve themselves on potty pads put down within their exercise pen. If that is not an ideal situation for you I highly suggest the Potty Training Puppy
Apartment by Modern Puppies. Unlike a traditional crate it has a divider with a doorway so that your puppy can sleep on one side and get out to use the bathroom on the other side!
Order the Puppy Apartment through their website and to receive 5% off of your Puppy Apartment enter this code: CC54949 at:  

Sizes available:  
Small (for puppies 5 to 10 lbs.)
Medium (for puppies 11 to 20 lbs.)
Large (for puppies 21 to 40 lbs.)

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