Available Cockapoo Puppies
We have Cockapoo puppies for sale in Wisconsin!
Listed below are our currently available Cockapoo puppies. Due to
adoptions and reservations, availability changes daily so please
contact us if you are interested. If you are looking for something in
particular we do take deposits in advance as our puppies generally
are adopted pretty quickly. Puppies leave between 7-8 weeks of age
depending on your location and come up to date on their
vaccinations, vet checked, de-wormed, and with a health guarantee.
Please note that the Cockapoo puppies shown are not officially
named their site "names" are just used for a reference. Puppies can
be reserved with a nonrefundable deposit of $250 and if picking
them up WI State Sales tax does apply. We do offer
* and shipping within the U.S. Contact Jamie or
Sandy by email anytime at :
Want to bring your puppy home with some familiar smells?
Homemade, fleece puppy blankets are available. Mom and
the other siblings can play and cuddle with them and give
your puppy a source of comfort during the move to their
new home $12.00. Green Bay Packer patterns available for
$15.00 by request. Patterns and colors are based on
**Please note that if we have a virtually identical litter we will require micro-chipping so
that we can be assured you get the puppy you've picked out.
We can be contacted anytime at:
If you would like to use a debit or
credit card to place a deposit on a
puppy click the 'Buy Now' button
below,it will take you to Paypal but
you don't have to be a member to
use it! Deposits using PayPal are
$250 plus the PayPal fee of $7.80.
Please discuss it with us in
advance if you are going to reserve
a puppy this way. Please note
deposits are for one, specific
puppy, are Non-Refundable and
Non-Trasferable, and will be
deducted from the total purchase
price of the puppy! Thanks!
Formerly located in iola, Wisconsin, we are
now located in Manawa, Wisconsin
More Questions?
Please see the
"Contract" page, the
"FAQ" page, and our
Blog for additional
Want to know what color our next litter will be? Click the link below to find out:

To view my blog please visit: http://cutecockapoosinwisconsin.blogspot.com
Thank you for viewing our website, we currently do not have any
Cockapoo puppies for sale BUT we will be having babies born in
December so please check back to this page to see who is born as we
do not know what colors or sex we will get until they arrive. If you are
looking for a Christmas Cockapoo we won't have any ready to come
home in time but I can always email you photos that you can wrap up for
under the tree!!
Puppies are $1100 unless microchipped, that's $35 extra